C | Q | M | T in bookshops in Paris and in Brussels

The publications of IL PALINSESTO / ON PAPER / SINGLES - LE GROS are now available in two awesome bookshops where you can browse through the pages, discover their playful logic and even buy them

A big thanks to the guys and girls from BATT, a cooperative dedicated to artist books, for having included cqmt in their catalogue. If you are Paris, pass by their shop and exhibition space ! 

In Brussels, you can find the 4 volumes of IL PALINSESTO / ON PAPER / SINGLES at the bookshop of CIVA during the exhibition The Bench :  a Microscopy. It's free, it's fun and it goes on until 28.01.2018 !

In Paris:
BATT Coop.org
33 bis rue Doudeauville
75 018 Paris - France

In Brussels:
Bookshop of the CIVA foundation
Rue de l’Ermitage 55
1050 Brussels - Belgium
(Until 28.01.2018)